Multi Resolution / Support for very large panos in Web Browser

Even though from day one we stick to our golden rule - don't touch customer content ,and we are not making any modifications to you panos we can't say the same thing about web browsers. If we "are lucky" sometimes your images are being downsized and if not they are not being loaded .... for example 8k in Oculus Browser could be sometimes problematic

Thats why we came to the conclusion that the only way to make sure that your high resolution image will work properly in a browser is to use the technology that is called Multiresolution.

When Multiresolution is being used our system is actually cutting your image into many many little pieces and when we are loading your 360 image we load those pieces one by one and because of that we can trick the browser and load images even bigger than 16k and they work fine!

You can test this effect in the first Tour on called Basset Road by Recent Spaces or you can just watch the video bellow

Multiresolution is being activated by default if you follow the power of 2 rule and use the proper resolution for your images ( I will not explain the power of 2 here ... just google pls )

Currently supported resolution

Spherical Stereo :

4096 x 4096px,  

6144 x 6144px,

8192 x 8192px,

16384 x 16384px

You just need to upload an image in the editor with one of the resolutions mentioned above , save the VR Tour and open the editor again and the multiresolution option will be enabled!

As you can see at the moment we only support spherical stereo images but in the near future we will add support for mono images and also for 6k res etc.

( also it's important for you to know that multiresolution is required if you want to add depth map support to your tour )

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