Embed 360 VR Tours on Behance.net

Many users of theViewer.co are also using Behance.net and that's why we've added a special feature that we call "Behance embed" 

Behance embed generates a special type of embed code that has been approved by the Behance.net team and will work without any issues on Behance.

If you follow the link bellow  you will see that theViewer.co is added to the list as one of the embed sources.


And here is a quick tutorial showing how you can generate and embed your VR Tour on Behance.net

  • Select one of your VR Tours and click on

  • click on the Behance Embed option to copy the autogenerated embed code

Then you should switch from theViewer.co to Behance.net

  • in your project select the Embed option in the Add Content window

  • In the popup window, paste the code copied from theViewer.co and click on Embed

And we're done! your VR Tour is embedded on Behance.net and you can publish your Behance project.

If you have any questions please contact us via chat!

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