theViewer App finally available on Oculus Quest

After a lot of weeks of waiting, Oculus finally approved our app theViewer for Oculus Quest!

In order to download the app on your Oculus Quest 1 or 2 you should either go to this link :

Or when you are browsing Oculus Quest experiences simply use the search bar and type "theViewer" like you can see on the screen below 

and then on the bottom of the screen you should see the special App Lab section where you will have to click on the View App button

and there you will see our app ... and some other viewer but that's not important :) 

Even though the app is Free you will have to do something like a "Purchase" of it and then it will be added to your Oculus app on your mobile device and downloaded on your Quest

As always if you have any questions just use the chat and talk to us!


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