Embedding youtube videos and more in your virtual tours

When added a possibility to add/embed 2D images inside of our Virtual Tours our users asked if they can add 2D Videos inside of a 360 image ...

So we added something that we call video spots -> https://help.theviewer.co/article/35-video-spots

When we added video spots our users asked if we can do the same but with a Youtube video .... so this time we thought ok ... we will add Youtube videos and even MORE :) 

Here is a short video showing how can you add a Youtube video in your 360 Virtual Tour ...

and here you have a video showing how you can add A WHOLE WEBSITE inside of a Virtual Tour ... 

We've actually embedded the whole theViewer.co inside of a Virtual Tour hosted at theViewer.co :) 

Check it out and contact us if you would like to try this functionality before it's available to the public

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