Virtual Tour Analytics info May 2021

I was chatting today morning with one of our users ... as I do very often and I got inspired to write this blog post!

theViewer is up and running without any interruptions since 2016 so as you can imagine we have quite a lot of data about our users ... quite a lot of data that could actually help YOU to understand your customers and your viewers.

So starting from today ... if you guys will like it and you will find it useful we will do once a month a blog post with all useful information from our analytics system like :

  • Users by device category - this view will show you how many users are viewing Virtual Tours on a desktop machine and how many users prefer mobile
  • Users by browser - this view will show you what is the most popular browser among our users
  • Users by the operating system - this view will show you what is the most popular operating system among our users
  • Users by screen resolution - in this view you will see what is the most popular screen resolution among our users
  • Average session duration - this should show you more or less how long on average your users are spending on a virtual tour

As you probably know already we are also working on heatmaps and detailed information about the usage of our system but for now, we want to start with those few categories.

Hope it helps! if YES then definitely please let us know because if it's not adding any value to you we will stop publishing that information :) 

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