Account Settings tab

Here is a short video showing some of the new options and at the bottom of this page you will find a detailed description of all the options:

Web Side Panel - When you activate this feature you will see in your all Web VR tours a new side panel that we are developing. The idea is that in this side panel you can see all thumbnails and names of your images in one list... in the future, we plan to also add some options to edit the names of Panos and so on...

Web Auto-rotate - When an end-user opens one of your VR tours in the web browser the system will recognize that there is absolutely no movement and the auto-rotate option is enabled it will automatically start rotating inside of your VR tour

Web Auto-rotate delay - this value defines how long the system should wait before it activates auto rotation

Web Zoom in/out - when this option is activated your end-user is able to zoom in and zoom out inside of your images using the mouse scro

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