theViewer App Customization

The typical user that is starting his experience with 360 VR content is pretty much always asking us about a custom mobile app ...

Even though as a part of the Enterprise package we can develop a custom app for you that will be available on all platforms just like theViewer I always tell every user NOT to do it...


Don't get me wrong I don understand how important is to add your own logo, icons etc and that's exactly what you can do with theViewer even with the cheapest subscription!

One the screenshot below you can see all the items that can be customized.

You can just upload your own images and they will automatically overwrite the default ones in the Web Viewer and also inside of theViewer app on your mobile devices or Oculus GO, Rift etc....

That's why for 99% project of theViewer users it makes no sense at all to go with the customized app because you can already customize pretty much everything inside theViewer.


Very simple!

Just go to this page:

And open the customize tab

Then simply choose one of the items that you want to customize and simply upload your own images

For example, if you want to customize the default hotspot simply upload a new image for this hotspot by clicking the upload button.

After doing so you will already see your new icon on the same page

Now simply open any of your tours and instead of our default hotspot you should always see your own icon

You have to remember about one thing: currently, when you are replacing an image for a hotspot or something else, you are replacing it in all of your tours!

We already had a lot of conversations with our users and we know that we also have to give you the possibility to replace those images per tour or per project, but at the moment it's only possible on the profile level.

I hope it will change before the end of summer 2020.

If you have any questions please just use the chat and talk to us!


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