theViewer WEB 3.8.1166

List of changes available in the latest release of the web viewer/editor

  • before this release, it was difficult to add a VR Tour to a project when you had so many VR Tours that they were not visible on the same screen with the project folder and scrolling was needed. Now you can grab a VR tour from the bottom on the screen and you should see that the top bar is highlighted and when you will move your VR tour over this highlighted bar the system will scroll up for you and you will be able to add this VR Tour to the project folder
  • new special hotspots for that will be visible on floor plans 
  • delete VR Tour functionality should work way faster now
  • when the end-user will open a link to the project folder in the browser we should our customer logo in the right-hand corner and the name of the project in the left-hand corner

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