Oculus Quest 2 Beta Testing

Beta Signup form

UPDATE - Staring from 13.07.2021 theViewer is publicly available via the App Lab under this Link

On February 3rd Facebook announced something that they call App Lab - A new way to distribute Oculus Quest Apps and that's why we are extremely happy to share with you that we immediately started working on theViewer app for Quest !!!

From day one Oculus was and still is the most important platform for us, and even though we did support Daydream and we are still supporting HTC Vive we believe that Oculus is the best choice for 360 content. That's why we developed a dedicated app for GearVR, Rift, Go, and now we are more than ready to develop theViewer for Quest. 

We are very familiar with the Oculus ecosystem and that's why for us it was quite easy to prepare a stable version of theViewer that we can share with :) 

So without further ado, we would like to invite you to theViewer for Quest beta testing!

You can open the special signup form by clicking on the Oculus Quest image in the top of this article or simply by clicking in this link below


Important Update - in the signup form we are asking you to provide an email that you are using already on Oculus.com platform.... If you provide an email that you didn't use on Oculus.com we will not be able to invite you to our beta test! So please provide the same email address that you have used while registering at Oculus.com

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