Add Blocks

This one will be super simple and short - DON'T USE ADD BLOCKS on theViewer,co

Thank you :) 

Now jokes aside .... 

We are encountering a lot of issues on a regular basis when users are using AddBlockers and they forget to add to the exception list.

The problem is not about analytics , ads or anything like that .... AddBlockers are simply blocking our scripts!

Some features in the editor might not work with some add blockers or what is even more problematic - when you want to cancel your subscription and the add blokcer is ON you will get the message that the subscription is cancelled but our back-end system will not get this information because it is being blocked by add blockers

Of course there is a popup message warning you when your addblocker is ON ... but who reads messages right?

Thats why one more time - when you are using please disable all add blocks or add to the exception list 

Thank you :) 



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