Archive and UnArchive Virtual Tours

Since we launched our product in 2016 we had a lot of discussions about the possibility to somehow disable some of the VR Tours so they don't take any space and users are not being charged for them.

Which makes a lot of sense because if you are not really using a specific Virtual Tour and there is no one really downloading the content from the tour, why should you pay for it?
That's why finally we had some time and we developed a special Archive function which is available in the system.

Heres how it works :

  • simply go to and choose one of your Virtual Tours 
  • when you know which Virtual Tour you would like to archive just click on the tour menu just like on the screen bellow

  • when the tour menu will popup just select the archive option like on the screen bellow

And that's it! 

Now your Virtual Tour is being archived and it's not using your allotment.

So for example, if you have a Freelancer account and you can create 3 Virtual tours and as soon as you will try to create Virtual Tour number 4 the system will ask you to purchase an addon.... BUT if you will archive one of your Virtual Tours you will be able to create the 4th Virtual Tours without the need to pay for it

However you have to remember about few things about an Archived VR Tour :

  • all links and codes for this archived Virtual Tour will immediately stop working and your clients will not be able to use them
  • an archived Virtual Tour will disappear from theViewer app 
  • you will not be able to open the tour or make any modifications 
  • the archived tour is not using your allotment 
  • you can at any time Unarchive this tour

If you want to revert the process at any time you can use the UnArvhive functionality by simply click on the UnArchive text just like you can see on the screenshot bellow

Hope this article helps and if something is not clear or you have any other question please go to and contact us via the chat


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