Adding hyperlinks in info spots

Sometimes there is a need to add some additional information inside your tour ... for example some text describing a product , links to other websites or images

Thats why in theViewer when you are in the editor you have the option to add something that we call Info Spot. 

Info Spot

In general Info Spot was created to allow you to add some text information to the tour like on the screen bellow

Which will look like this in the tour

You have the possibility to add a hyperlink in your info spot 

Here is a simple code that you should past the body of the info spot :  <a href="" target="_blank">theViewer</a>

If you save it ,it will look like this 

Of course you can and you actually should click on the link in order to test it :) 

and there is one more thing.... :) 

You also have the possibility to add and image with a hyperlink in your Info Spot

Here is an example with the code that you could use :

<a href="" target=blank><img src="" title="Help" width="300" height="100" /></a>

If you hit save it will look like this while viewing the tour 

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