What is theViewer and how can I use it?

With theViewer you have the possibility to upload multiple 360 photos ( spherical and cube maps ) and multiple 360 videos and "connect" them into something that we like to call VR Tour.

Here is one of our favourite examples of a VR tour created byt RecentSpaces.com

You can see that some parts are being animated ... this is NOT a 360 video!
This something that we've actually developed together with RecentSpaces.com and you can read about it here Corona blog post

In the other example you can see how the guys from The Boundary combined amazing visuals with some street sound effects

Those are our favourite examples ,but if you go to theViewer.co or if you download our free app you will see way more cool examples of what is possible 

So as you can see with theViewer.co you can create amazing VR tours that are available to your customer via the website or thru our free app available on App Store , Google Play store and on the VR stores like Oculus.com and Steam.com

But thats not all :) 

With theViewer.co and a special functionality that we call Shared Experience ,you also can do a proper design review session even if your customer is on another continent! 

So to summarise : 

  • you can upload pretty much any 360 photo or 360 video
  • you can combine all those 360s into something that we call VR Tour
  • you can easily share this tour with your customers via web links , magic links and magic codes
  • you can embed this tour directly on your website 
  • you can view it via pretty much all important VR headsets and our free app
  • you can do a proper design review session thanks to something that we call shared experience

If you have any question about our platform please use the chat :) 


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