How can I add ambient sounds to my tours?

We have finally added ambient sounds on our platform, so you can add that extra depth and immersion to your tours. Be sure, we will not stop here, as spatial sound and other related features will soon be added.

Now, let's look at the process of adding sound to your tours.

Step 1
Edit your existing tour or create a tour as you usually would in the warp editor, but don’t save it just yet.

Step 2
Click on the sound button on the top left corner of the panorama preview and upload a sound file from your computer (see image below). 

Step 3
Now save your tour and when you open it in the app, the sound file will play in the background. 

Please note, currently sound is available on the apps, but not on the web. If you would like to turn the sound off, just use your device's sound settings, although we will soon add a custom mute button as well.

Try it out, let us know how you like the new feature and be sure to share your ideas for improvements!



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