What are Magic links and how can I benefit from them?

What are those Magic Links?

Magic Links are the newest sharing feature we have created, making it extremely easy to share tours via our apps. Now it takes your client only one click to get the app and see your tour in sublime quality.

Magic Links are automatically generated in your web profile and, when clicked by a client, lead them directly to download theViewer app and then open the tour you shared. So now all your client has to do is click and the Magic Link will take care of the rest!

The links also work with GearVR - right after clicking the link your client will be asked to put on his headset and the tour will be visible.

Moreover, magic links for premium users show ONLY your content, skipping the login screen and disabling your clients app from showing any tours you have not sent to them. You can test it yourself with multiple magic links to load a custom set of tours on the app (to unlock the app afterwards, simply send a magic link from one of theViewer.co featured tours and then restart the app to proceed to login).

Put simply, with just one click anyone can get the app and see your tour!

As a result, it is now extremely easy to enjoy the convenience of link sharing and the quality and versatility of our apps. For example, Magic Links will be able to carry information about the customization of your version of the app, as well as guide clients directly into a Shared Experience session in the app. There are countless applications, which will make Magic Links a uniquely useful feature in the industry.

How can I try it today?

If you want to try it, you can open a tour in your Google Chrome browser and there will be a special button, which activates the magic link, taking you to the tour in the app (see screenshot below).

The third button from your right is the Magic Link

Alternately, you can click the share button on any tour in your profile and it will generate a share link for the web and a magic link, such as this - Magic Link. We urge you to try the link with your phone and see how it works.

Magic Links are currently available for both free users and premium users, note however that free users links will make the app load along with featured galleries, while premium links will show only your content. We are currently continuing development and also working on a special version for Premium users, which will make Magic Links more advanced and accessible.

Further updates will shorten the links themselves, as well as add various functionality we discussed before, making Magic Links incredibly useful.

We hope you like this feature and we welcome your questions, comments and ideas regarding Magic Links. As we are still continuing development, your suggestions might provide huge influence on the finished product! 



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