Supported formats - 360 pano and 360 video

In this article we will try to explain what type of formats are supported by our platform.

In general we support mono and stereo spherical panoramas , cubestrips mono and stere and same thing with 360 video.

The only thing with 360 stereo video is that you have to add "_stereo_" in the file name in order to work in stereo mode in theViewer

In the first section of the article we will explain what works and on the bottom of the article you can find sample images

Cubestrip/Cubemap  - a cubical panoramic image as 'imagestrip' in one single image. Supported cubestrip formats are 1x6, 1x12

Supported resolution:

 mono - 8190 x 1365px, 16380 x 2730px

 stereo - 8184 x 682px, 16380 x 1365px

Spherical - a spherical panoramic image. Supported spherical formats are 2x1, 1x1

Supported resolution:

 mono - 2048 x 1024px, 4096 x 2048px,  8192 x 4096px, 16384 x 8192px

 stereo - 2048 x 2048px, 4096 x 4096px,  8192 x 8192px, 16384 x 16384px

per Device

S9, S8 with Android 8.0 - max. resolution cubemap 8190px , spherical 8192px

Pixel, S7, S9, S8,Oculus Go with Android 7.0, Rift(Vive/MR) - max. resolution cubemap 16380px , spherical 16384px

iPhones - max. resolution cubemap 8190px , spherical 8192px - all will be downsized to 4096px

360 Video 

Android CBD/GVR 

> 7.0 - 720p, 1080p, UHD-4k(3840x2160), 4000x2000

< 7.0 - 720p, 1080p, UHD-4k(3840x2160)


ip6s - 720p, 1080p, UHD-4k , 4000x2000

ip6/plus - 720p, 1080p

Codecs : h264 - all , should be on all  , vp9 only android




1x12 16380 x 1365 px -

cubemap stereo 1x12 16380 x 1365 px - oculus sample

 1x12 8184 x 682 px - 

cubemap stereo 1x12 8184 x 682 px - oculus sample


1x6 8190 x 1365 px

cubemap mono 1x6 8190 x 1365 px - oculus sample

Spherical panoramas

Stereo -> ratio -> 1x1 ->  6144 x 6144 px 

spherical stereo 1x1 6144 x 6144 px - oculus sample

1x1 4096 x 4096 px

spherical stereo 1x1 4096 x 4096 px - rendered by us sample


2x1 4096 x 2048 px 

spherical mono 2x1 4096 x 2048 px - rendered by us sample

Cubemaps face formats

KRpano format

cube-side alignment itself always need to be: L,F,R,B,U,D (the krpano default).


krpano hstrip  1x6

cubemap krpano hstrip mono 1x6


 krpano hstrip 1x12

cubemap krpano hstrip stereo 1x12

Unity format

unity hstrip  1x6

cubemap unity hstrip mono 1x6

Vray format

 vray hstrip 1x12

Link :

cubemap vray hstrip stereo 1x12

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