Oculus Quest support

More and more users lately are asking about the fact if we support Oculus Quest and thats why I've decided to write a short article answering this question.

So do we support Oculus Quest?


But :) at the moment only via our web solution.

What does it mean? 

Simply speaking -> there is no theViewer app available on the Quest store at the moment.
We are working as hard as possible on this topic ,but it's not as easy as adding an app to the Oculus GO or GearVR store.... 

Thats why right now theViewer is only available via the Oculus Browser on the Quest.

How does it work?

Well it's actually super super simple :)
Just take your Quest headset , launch Oculus Browser and in the address type : theViewer.co

Right now you have to login with the same account as you do on theViewer.co on your desktop on mobile and we do know that this might not be the easiest thing in the world but we are also working on adding a special solution here you can use magic codes so please be a bit patient and stay tuned!

As always : if you have any questions please use the chat


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