Shared Experience in VR

OK first of all what is Shared Experience ?

This is a feature that we developed very early because one of customers  at Walktheroom Studio  very quickly realised that when someone is wearing a VR headset and looking at your content you have no idea what is happening with him in VR :) 
Thats why very quickly we've developed a functionality that allows you to see on your mobile what your user is seeing in VR and after couple of years it evolved into something like this 

Nowadays setting up Share Experience ( SE ) is super easy!
( in this article I'm assuming that your customer already has your content and our app on his device , if not please read this first -> Magic Links and Magic Codes

What you have to do is just open the same tour on at least two devices and you automatically connected!

If you are using our standalone desktop app and Oculus devices like GO , GearVR or Rift you will immediately se the other persons avatar just like on the video above.

So you already know how to connect with other users and how to see each other as Avatars. Now I will explain how to make sure that others follow you as the presenter.

If you are using Daydream or HTC Vive don't worry :) you are also connected but you just don't see the other person avatar.

You are already automatically connected and it's for someone to become the leader of the session or like we like to call it the presenter.

In order to do it please activate the menu by either double tapping on the screen of your mobile device or by pressing the trigger button twice on the controller of your VR headset ( link to the help page explaining all shortcuts ) 

When the menu is activated simply hit the Presenter Mode button.

And thats pretty much it :)

Now that you are the presenter everyone who is also in the tour will automatically follow you , which means that if you change to a different pano all users in the same SE session will follow you to this pano ... if you change to a different tour and users in the same SE session have this tour on their device they will automatically follow you to this tour.

So now we can say that you know how to gather all users in a tour and become the presenter :) so what else can you do in the tour?

You probably saw in the video that you can point at things with something that we call laser pointer :) how can you do it? Well first of all you have to use an Oculus device in order to have access to this functionality.

If you do it's as always with theViewer super simple!
Lets say you have an Oculus GO ... just grab the controller and on the touchpad swipe down to activate the laser pointer

Swipe right if you want to change the colour of your laser :) and if you want to start drawing markups you can simply use the trigger button.

So now we can say that you know how to use the laser pointer and how to do markups! What else?

Last but now least ... Voice :) 
Shared Experience wouldn't be complete without the possibility to talk to each other right ? :)
In order to activate Voice simply activate the menu and click on this Microphone icon and you will be able to talk to all users in your Shared Experience session.

There is also a possibility to connect to your VR headset from the web browser and this functionality is explained here - Shared Experience from your web browser

We are working on many other features so as always ... stay tuned :)

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