Animated photorealistic VR - Finally Automated

Some time ago together with the great help from Recent Spaces and Corona we developed something that we call Animated Photorealistic VR

You see 360 videos are still not perfect... they are quite "heavy" because of the file size and the resolution is in our opinion not good enough.

Thats why we've decided to use 8k high quality 360 panorama as the basis and add a layer of animation.

You can read more about it on the Corona Renderer Blog :

Until now it was not possible to easily create this animated VR Tour...
Our customers we usually contacting us , providing the input files and we were doing it manually for them.

The good news that it's not going to be the case anymore!

We've found a way to automate the process so now every Studio user will be able to add it directly from the Warp Editor.

Here is what you have to prepare before you will be able to add it in the Warp Editor :

Step 1 : Obviously we need to start with a panorama. In this case we will be using an 8k stereo spherical panorama just like the one attached as a file bellow
( if you want to download this file just right click on this image and save as... ) 

Step 2 : now you will have to select the area that should be animated and you will have to create the animation. If you want to learn how I think the Corona Blog post where the guys from Recent Spaces explain how they did it is the best source of information for you.

Basically what you have to do here is generate 30 single frames responsible for the animation like the one bellow 

And "pack" them into a 30 frames per sec , 1 sec mp4 stereo file.
I'm not able to add a video to this post but you can download it here - Link

Step 3 : In order for our system to know precisely where to place the video we will need you to create a stereo mask like the one bellow 

And that's it!

Summarising: What we need from you is the following

  1. Base 8k Spherical Stereo Pano 
  2. Video file in the mp4 format with the animated part
  3. Stereo mask showing us where to overlay the animation.

At the end of 2020 you will be able to add this on your own in the Editor.
If you already have any questions about the process please contact us via the chat


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