Oculus GO / Quest and the Future of theViewer

Many of you saw the articles about so the future or Oculus Go and the fact that it will be discontinued by Oculus...

To be honest with you it's not really a surprise for us ... and not because we have some special insights but because we just saw a long time ago who is manufacturing which headset

  • GearVR - Samsung
  • Oculus Go - Xiaomi
  • Oculus Rift - Lenovo
  • Oculus Quest - Oculus

If you look at this I think it's pretty clear which device is important for Oculus and which isn't ...

That's why we already started to work on making theViewer.co fully compatible with the Quest so you can open the web browser in the Quest and explore VR tours at theViewer.o

On top of that, we are working very hard on adding 6DOF to your 360 panos and thanks to the support from Recent Spaces we have a first project that will allow you to move your head in the VR space and have a proper 6DOF experience.

( in order to do that we will need a depth map for every image, but this will be explained in details in another article )

Here is the link to the project that looks pretty cool on the web as well and soon you will be able to explore it on the Rift and Quest

Many of you ask us if theViewer App will be available on the Quest and here is my answer: YES

We are trying to have theViewer available on the Quest just like on the GO and we are waiting for Oculus to publish our app on the store.

On top of that Oculus is introducing a special business channel for developers to be able to distribute their apps so we are 100% confident that before the end of this year theViewer will properly work on the Quest

If you have any questions please use the chat and let us know!



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