The goal of this article is to keep an up-to-date list of advanced features available for our users. As we continue development, this list will be updated, so stay tuned.

Latest update: 3rd of January, 2017

Features available for free users

Creating tours

Warp Editor

The first feature we must mention is the warp editor. With this online tool, you can create VR tours from 360 images, by adding warp points to navigate from one image to the next. We focused on making it simple and intuitive, which means you can create a VR tour within minutes. Moreover, future versions of the editor will allow you to place warps with information about the tour, as well as pictures and videos.

Ambient sound 

We have developed a simple ambient sound system, so you can upload a sound you would like to hear playing in the background, while clients explore your design. Currently it will be one sound per tour, but in the near future we will develop the option to create separate sounds for each image and even spatial sound sources you can place via the warp editor.

More information here :

Sharing tours

Sharing on the web

Even though by default all data is protected we are giving you a possibility to share your work. Click on the share button and generate a direct link that works perfectly on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and directs the viewers to view your tour via their browser. See our example below.

Embed on your website

If you wish to share your work directly through your site, we have a solution available. Use iFrame to present theViewer tours on the web quickly and easily. We have a short guide explaining how it works.

More information here

View offline via apps

Users of theViewer can share and view their tours not only on the web, but also via native apps for Android, iOS, GearVR and Oculus Rift. These apps are fully integrated with and any tour you publish on the web portal will be visible in your users gallery on the app. This means clients experience better quality and have the option to view tours offline.

More information here

Promote your work on

We welcome you to share your content on our main page. Just contact us and we will promote your tour as one of our featured tours, showcasing your work to hundreds of visitors every day.

Shared Experience v1.1*

Shared experience allows you to start a VR session on one mobile device, for example GearVR, and then simply join this session via other mobile devices to see exactly what the first user is seeing. This gives you the opportunity to follow your clients experience or give a guided tour to multiple clients.

Moreover, if you thought it was awesome before, you ought to take a look at the newest version of Shared Experience. Now you can talk to your client via the app and signal with pointers making collaboration fast and easy, even if you are located in different parts of the world.

More information here

Magic links* 

Now you will be able to generate a link that guides your client directly to the app and opens the tours you shared directly on their device. This is a very useful feature for users of all platforms, but especially for those working with GearVR and Oculus Rift, as web sharing is limited for these devices.

Here is a sample of a Magic Link, that you should try especially on your mobile device:   Magic Link 

Moreover, the link will have more features, for example, sending clients directly to a Shared Experience session, so you can invite clients to join your VR experience, and/or load the app with your customized branding.

More information here

*These features are available for testing by free users, but only on our featured tours. If you wish to use them with your private tours, consider the premium subscription.

Features available only for premium users

Advanced features

As a premium user, you have full access to Shared Experience and Magic Links for any tour you create.

Only your tours

Premium removes all featured tours, so clients see only the work you wish to share. This also applies to Magic Links, as links generated by free users will load the app with featured galleries, while premium links will limit the app to your work only.

Unlimited gallery

Starting 2017, free user galleries are limited to creating, sharing and viewing 3 tours at any given time. As a premium user however, you will have the option to use the full potential of our new server network and publish as many tours as you please. 

There are additional features that we are already working on and will be available soon, so stay tuned.

If you would like to learn more about our features or share ideas for new improvements, we welcome you to get in touch via or our direct chat windows.

Kind regards,

theConstruct Team

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