What is Shared Experience ?

Shared Experience is an amazing feature that we developed as a part of theViewer which is one of our first steps into developing an advanced Design Review Platform in VR.
Shared experience allows you to start a VR session on one mobile device, for example GearVR, and then simply join this session via other mobile devices to see exactly what the first user is seeing.

This is a perfect solution if you would like to see exactly what your client is looking at and guide them through your design. 

Moreover, with this feature you can use your device to give a guided tour to multiple clients at the same time.

This is only the first step ..... so stay tuned !

How  does it work ?

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of our app!
Android version and GearVR version is already available on the store.
Unfortunately iOS version is still pending approval.

Now the next thing - in order to host Shared Experiences of your tours, you need a Premium account!

Mote that Shared Experience works only with tours that are published because we have to make sure that the tour is available for more then one client.

Now that is settled, so we are ready to go!

Step 1: Start the app in VR mode 

After starting the app in VR on the Main Menu you will see a button under the label
"Shared Experience"

As soon as the app will have the connection with the server the button will become activated and you will be able to tap Start

Now you can just explore your tours just like you would normally do.

Step 2: Take another device and login with the same account in non-VR mode

As soon as the app will have a connection to the server the button Join will become active under "Shared Experience" and you will be able to press it. 

As soon as you press Join you will be connected to the session created in the VR mode and see what the first user sees.

You can do this with other devices and have multiple people follow one Shared Experience.

That's it! As simple as that!

Try it out and please let us know what you think about it!

We are still adding things, so share your suggestions and help shape our final solution.

Thank you!

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