Project Folders allow us to group our VR tours into one.

It’s very useful when you have a case that you have to create more than one tour for a customer and then you would like to share it just with one link!

Here’s how it works.

From the main page where we have all our tours we click on the NEW button in order to create a new Project Folder

In the next step we select Project

Type the name of the project and hit create

Your result should be similar to my screen 

Now in order to add a tour to your project you can simply drag and drop it

As a result it should look like this ( system will automatically use the tour thumbnail as the project thumbnail )

Of course you can add more tours in the same way and if you want to share all of them you just use the magic link to your project folder

Hope that helps and if you have any questions please contact us via the chat embed on our  website. 

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