We know how important for you is the possibility to add floor plans in your VR tours and that's why we have added this function to theViewer!

We are still working on this feature and that's why the current process of adding floor plans might not be the final one, but already today you can start adding floor plans!

Just go to the warp editor and just like you are adding your panoramas add a file called FloorPlan.jpg 

It's very important that you use the name FloorPlan.jpg
 It doesn't matter if it's written lower or upper case, but it's important to have exactly the right name for the floor plan.

Now just switch to the Floor Plan like you switch to another pano and you should see something like this.

You can simply apply new warp points on your floor plan just like you would do with a normal panorama.

Floor Plan is visible in all our apps in NonVR mode and if it's added to your project you will see a new icon on the screen just like on the image bellow

If you activate it, it looks like this
( I got the transparency effect because I've actually taken a png file with transparent background and saved it as a JPG - which is something that you can do as well )


In VR it works only with GearVR , and Daydream.
Unfortunately, on our cardboard apps, we are limited with only one button and that's why for the moment this feature works only in NonVR on cardboard.

You can activate it by swiping UP on the controllers 

If you have any feedback please use the chat to talk to us!

Enjoy !


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